Upcoming regional engagements

The MNO is hosting gatherings on implementation of our Community Diversion program from June 5th to 27th, 2024 to inform how our program can best serve each region. The Community diversion program works with the Crown to use restorative justice approaches with Métis Nation of Ontario citizens for certain criminal charges. For more information about our program, visit Advocacy Programs – Métis Nation of Ontario.

The engagements are part of our program development process to gather insights, ideas, and perspectives from citizens, leadership, and staff. Once the engagement sessions have finished, this valuable information will inform how we implement the Community diversion program in your region.

Who Can Attend:

All Métis citizens are encouraged to attend the engagements on a regional basis.

Why Are We Hosting the Sessions?

  • To allow Métis citizens to share their ideas, concerns, and perspectives on implementation of the Community Diversion program, especially around volunteer requirements and requirement processes.
  • To gather valuable information that will inform how the program is implemented
  • To ensure regional governance and perspectives are respected in the program implementation process

How to Get Involved:

Register for one of the online regional engagement sessions down below!

Region 1

* Currently engaging Regional Consultation Committee

Region 2

Wednesday June 5, 2024
6 – 8 pm

Region 3

Monday June 17, 2024
6 – 8 pm

Region 4

Monday June 3, 2024
6 – 8 pm

Region 5

Tuesday June 25, 2024
6pm – 8 pm

Region 6

Wednesday June 19, 2024
Time: 6 – 8 pm
Meeting Registration

Region 7

Wednesday June 12, 2024
6 – 8 pm

Region 8

Thursday June 6, 2024
6 – 8 pm

Region 9

Thursday June 27, 2024
6 – 8 pm