Submitted by: Larry J. Ferris, MNO Georgian Bay Métis Council Chair

Georgian Bay Métis Council_Beausoleil Island National Park
Conservation effort volunteers on Beausoleil Island
National Park. (L-R) Ethan Rodgers, Josh Rodgers, Rob
Rogers, MNO Georgian Bay Métis Council Chair Larry
Ferris, Carl Ferris, Brenda Laurin, Roger Laurin. (Photo
credit: Janice Ferris). Click here to view a larger version.

The Métis Nation of Ontario (MNO) Georgian Bay Métis Council (GBMC) Harvesters Committee finished off another successful conservation effort on Beausoleil Island National Park in Georgian Bay. Volunteers made their way to the Island by boat where they planted about 120 trees ranging from small seedlings to 10-foot maples, large cedars and pines. All species are indigenous to Beausoleil Island. Volunteers also planted white and red cedars, sugar maples, and white pine. The group worked hard to get all the trees in and planted properly.

The MNO GBMC was thrilled with the great group of volunteers that came out this year. Volunteers included members from the MNO GBMC and the Moon River Métis Council, the Georgina Island First Nation, and Beausoleil Island park staff. At lunchtime, everyone took a well-deserved break to enjoy a barbecue lunch, which consisted of buffalo burgers and other snacks.

One highlight from the day was the interest of three bears that made their way into the planting area. MNO GBMC Chair Larry Ferris acknowledged that “it is always good to see animals and know that we are helping to improve their habitat.”

This year, the MNO GBMC received a very generous donation from Ontario Power Generation (OPG) to pay for the project. The MNO GBMC would like to thank the OPG for their support so that this project could be arranged. Chair Ferris says that one of the “nice things about planting on a National Park site is that we don’t need to worry about these trees being cut down or damaged prematurely. These trees will be around for many generations.”

Parks Canada was very pleased and thankful with the results of the planting. They were also impressed with the quality of trees that were planted. Projects like this show the commitment of the Métis, our partners and sponsors to conserve wildlife and natural habitats.

Published on: July 5, 2016