Submitted by: Wayne Copeland, MNO Credit River Métis Council Councillor

Credit River Métis Council
The MNO Credit River Métis Council and workshop
participants show off their drums. Click here to view a larger
version of the picture.

This past summer, the Métis Nation of Ontario (MNO) Credit River Métis Council (CRMC) hosted a drum making workshop in Brampton led by MNO citizen Leon Fleury. Fleury is a natural story teller who, aided by his lovely wife Margaret, enlightened and entertained all of the participants with personal and historical stories about drumming and drum making.

Fleury provided participants with all of the necessary materials to make their very own drums, including a deer skin he ensured had been soaked before the workshop. The workshop was limited to 10 people to allow for sufficient one-on-one time. Fleury was very patient throughout the workshop and provided participants with a lot of guidance during the drum making process.

As the workshop came to a close, participants labelled their drums and brought them home where they could continue to dry and tighten. About two weeks after the workshop, all of the participants gathered at a MNO CRMC meeting for a ”birthing” of the drums. This gathering was filled with fun, laughing, sharing of stories, drumming, singing, and a lot of smiling faces!

Published on: October 21, 2016