Submitted by: Donna Grayer, MNO Windsor-Essex-Kent Métis Council

Windsor-Essex-Kent Métis Council_Metis veterans
(L-R) Robert Desjardins (MNO Windsor-Essex-Kent Métis
Council [WEKMC] Councilor; Joseph Paquette (MNO
Veterans’ Council President); Sharlene Lance (MNO
WEKMC Women’s Representative), Terry Desjardins (MNO
WEKMC Chair), Steve Cadotte (MNO citizen), Shelly Claus
(MNO Veterans’ Council Women’s Representative), Wilfred
Rochon (MNO WEKMC Councilor), Jim Turner (MNO
WEKMC Senator), Donna Grayer (MNO WEKMC
President), Jon Rochon (MNO WEKMC
Secretary/Treasurer), Garry Lovell (MNO WEKMC
Councilor), Peter Rivers (PCMNO Region 9 Councilor).
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On September 28, 2016, the Métis Nation of Ontario (MNO) Windsor-Essex-Kent Métis Council (WEKMC) presented a certificate of appreciation to Wilfred Rochon, MNO veteran and the MNO WEKMC Councilor, for his dedication and commitment to the Council. Councilor Rochon has been a dedicated volunteer to the Council for a number of years; he was one of the founders of the Council and is a past President.

A few weeks later on November 13, 2016, the MNO WEKMC held a Remembrance and Louis Riel Community meeting, where several MNO veterans were presented with Louis Riel medals and certificates. It was decided by the Council that in order to emphasize the Council’s gratitude to Councilor Rochon, they would again present him with the certificate of appreciation during this special meeting.

The meeting began with MNO veterans being led in by a piper and a Colour Guard, which included MNO Infinite Reach Facilitator Matthew Bombardier. MNO WEKMC Senator Jim Turner then led guests in an opening prayer. MNO WEKMC Councilor Garry Lovell next took to the stage to read a message from MNO President Margaret Froh addressed to the veterans, where she stated that:

“On behalf of the Métis Nation of Ontario, it is with great honour that I convey this message paying tribute to our Métis veterans in the Windsor area. As we gather this month to mark Remembrance Day and commemorate Louis Riel Day we are reminded of those that have given so much to protect our freedom.”

President Froh’s words were very heart felt and appreciated by all. Each MNO veteran received a copy of President Froh’s speech to take home with them.

MNO Veterans’ Council President Joseph Paquette next led the presentation of Louis Riel certificates and medals to the following MNO veterans: Sharlene Lance (MNO WEKMC Women’s Representative), Shelly Claus (MNO Veterans’ Council Women’s Representative), Terry Desjardins (MNO WEKMC Chair), Steve Cadotte (MNO citizen). Recipients who were absent from the meeting include Wayne A. Smith and William (Bill) Majovsky. As President Paquette handed out the awards, he gave a personal story about each one of the veterans.

Jon Rochon, MNO WEKMC Secretary/Treasurer and son of Councilor Rochon, next read a letter addressed to Councilor Rochon from President Froh thanking him for his service to Canada and the MNO WEKMC. In the letter, President Froh stated:

“I want to take this opportunity to acknowledge you for your selfless service as a Veteran of World War II, for that leadership that you brought home to your community as a founding council member of the Windsor-Essex-Kent Métis Council, and for your years of dedication to the Métis Nation volunteering on council and within the community. Your leadership has been greatly appreciated and is being celebrated by many today.”

MNO staff members from the MNO Windsor office hosted a delicious turkey lunch for guests. After lunch, a meeting was called to order. PCMNO Region 9 Councilor Peter Rivers was kept busy with many questions concerning issues and upcoming events for this area. The discussion was great and the pumpkin pie definitely sweetened up the meeting!

At the end of meeting, President Paquette was presented with a gift to thank him for making the trip out to Windsor for this special ceremony. President Paquette was left momentarily speechless and was very appreciative at the thought that went into this. The meeting was very well attended with the focus being on the gratitude towards our MNO veterans. On to the next event!

Published on: December 2, 2016