torch kidsSienna Rochon (centre-left) and Matt Bombardier (centre-
The Pan AM flame is a symbol of unification. As it makes its way towards Toronto, the Pan AM Torch brings all Canadians together to carry it on its journey and the Métis Nation of Ontario (MNO) has actively participated in its relay.

In Windsor the local MNO community council played a big part in a Torch ceremony while in Ottawa and Brampton, MNO citizens actually carried the flame. Read the story below about the Windsor event and click here to read about the citizens who carried the flame.

The Pan AM Torch arrived in Windsor on June 16, greeted by a traditional drumming ceremony organized by the MNO Windsor-Essex-Kent Métis Council and other local Aboriginal groups.

MNO citizen Donna Grayer, the former Women’s Representative for the MNO Windsor-Essex-Kent Métis Council, played a huge part in helping to organize the event. Sienna Rochon, 8, and Matt Bombardier, 18, represented the local Council’s youth at the ceremony, wearing their Métis sashes.