Rock tes MocsMNO North Channel Métis Council Youth Representative Taylor
McNally (right) helps students with a healing blanket.

Submitted by Yvonne Jensen, President of the MNO North Channel Métis Council

Taylor McNally has been very busy within her community. As the Métis Nation of Ontario (MNO) North Channel Métis Council Youth Representative, she has been hosting events at local schools in Blind River.

On November 16, McNally went to École secondaire catholique Jeunesse-Nord to assist in their celebration of Rock Your Mocs Day, a worldwide event where Aboriginal people wear their moccasins at work, at school or anywhere.

Students and school staff were encouraged to wear their moccasins to school to show their pride and solidarity with Aboriginal peoples.

McNally held a Métis 101 event, teaching the students about Métis heritage and helping them make healing blankets using the four sacred medicines of Aboriginal people.

On December 17, McNally organized a mittens, scarves and hats campaign for local schools, taking donations and presenting them to the schools in the area for any children who forget, lose or don’t have mittens, hats or scarves. Thanks to McNally’s efforts, local children will be able to stay warm for winter recess.

The following message was posted on École St-Joseph’s Facebook page: “Taylor McNally, ancienne élève de l’école St-Joseph, a eu la brillante idée de ramasser des mitaines, tuques et foulards afin de les remettre aux écoles de la communauté. Ainsi les enfants, qui auraient oublié leurs mitaines, tuques ou foulard, auront la possibilité d’être bien au chaud durant les récréations. Merci Taylor et bravo pour ton implication!”

Good job, Taylor!

Published on: January 26, 2016