Submitted by MNO Credit River Métis Council Women’s Representative Darlene Lent

HealingBlanket smlVolunteers at a MNO Credit River Métis Council healing
blanket workshop included, (left to right) Karen Derocher,
Debra Keaney, Darlene Lent, Jim Tolles, Kyl Morrison,
Barb Welburn and Natalie Lucas. Click here to view a
larger version of this picture.

A number of volunteers chipped in during a Métis Nation of Ontario (MNO) Credit River Métis Council (CRMC) workshop to make 18 healing blankets to be distributed to Métis families and local women’s shelters.

The MNO CRMC met its goal of creating 18 blankets during the four-week workshop, which reconnected old friends and helped make some new ones.

The blanket represents inner beauty and strength and the gifting of the blanket symbolizes a blanket of care — a reminder that the women are important, cared for and loved within the Métis nation.

Posted: March 5, 2018