MNO Credit River Métis Council Holds First AGMMembers of the MNO Credit River Métis Council Executive:
(left to right) Bill Morrison (Chair), Talitha Tolles (Youth Representative),
Joyce Tolles (Treasurer), Ray Bergie (Senator), Richard Cuddy (President).

On March 30, 2012, many dignitaries and staff from the Métis Nation of Ontario (MNO) attended the MNO Credit River Métis Council’s first Annual General Meeting (AGM). Special guests included Gary Lipinski, MNO President, France Picotte, MNO Chair; Gerry Bedford, Captain of the Hunt for Region 8; Joe Paquette, Secretary of the MNO Veterans’ Council; MNO Grand River Métis Council (GRMC) Senator, Ed Hass; GRMC Vice-president, Jennifer Parkinson; PCMNO Post-secondary Representative, Anita Tucker; and, former Mayor of Brock Township, Larry O’Connor.

Richard Cuddy, President of the MNO Credit River Métis Council, introduced the executive: Vice-president and Chair, Bill Morrison; Secretary and Treasurer, Joyce Tolles; Senator, Ray Bergie; Women’s Representative, Karen Derocher; and Youth Representative, Talitha Tolles.

President Cuddy proudly reviewed some of council’s achievements from the past year. Among these were the signing of the Region 8 Consultation Protocol and the creation of a new web site.

Richard Cuddy also thanked Jim Tolles for his tireless efforts in setting up a trailer which contains a display of furs, traps, hunting and fishing gear as well as historical information. The trailer can be taken to various events where it is used as a community outreach tool.

The council has also devised a means of sharing experiences that can reach into the future. When councillors attend an event they fill out a report detailing the experience. These reports are filed in a binder which is held by the secretary and is available to citizens and future councils.

“I am a proud Métis,” said President Cuddy. “I love my culture; I love my people; and, I love my nation….All of the challenges the Métis have faced don’t make us weaker; they make us stronger. I want to do my part to make sure the Métis culture and people survive, not just for generations but forever.”

The MNO Credit River Métis Council meets the first Tuesday of every month and information is posted on the website.