OPS_jo(Centre with sash) Jo MacQuarrie, Elder with the MNO

OTTAWA, ON – Jo MacQuarrie, Elder with the Métis Nation of Ontario, was recently appointed to the Ottawa Police Services Spiritual Team.

The Ottawa Police Services (OPS) recognized the need to expand the Chaplaincy Program to be more inclusive. Consequently The Chaplain/Spiritual Program now has members who represent the Christian (Anglican and Catholic), Sheikh, Muslim, Jewish faiths and the Métis Nation.

While the Police Chaplains/Spiritual Leaders represent different religions and denominations they provide support to any member requiring it, regardless of religious background. They have the honorary rank of Inspector and are considered volunteers and, therefore, subject to the Volunteer Involvement Policy.

The purpose of the OPS Chaplaincy/Spiritual Program is to support the spiritual and emotional well being of members and their families. The Program is comprised of volunteer clergy in good standing who are appointed by the Chief of Police. The Ottawa Police Association and the Ottawa Police Senior Officers’ Association are consulted regarding the selection of members to the Chaplaincy/Spiritual Team.