Submitted by: James Wagar, MNO Manager of Natural Resources and Consultations and Derrick Pont, President of the MNO Niagara Region Métis Council

Employment & Contracting Gathering
MNO citizens and organization representatives at the MNO Employment and
Contracting Community Gathering. (Left to right) John Bonin, Union Gas; Peter
Rivers, MNO Region 9 PCMNO Councillor; Jo Anne Young, President of the
MNO Hamilton-Wentworth Métis Council; Alex Young, MNO Region 9 Youth;
Cora Bunn, President of MNO Grand River Community Métis Council; Richard
Cuddy, President of MNO Credit River Métis Council; Derrick Pont,
President of MNO Niagara Region Métis Council; and Randi Allen, Niagara
Wind Corporation.

The Métis Nation of Ontario (MNO) in conjunction with Niagara Region Wind Corporation and Union Gas hosted the MNO Employment and Contracting Community Gathering on October 29 in St. Catherines.

MNO citizens from Region 9 and Region 8 who attended had the opportunity to spend time with the community, speak with a number of universities and seek out new employment opportunities with a variety of companies.

Companies providing employment opportunities included Union Gas, Niagara Region Wind Corporation, Enercon, TSP Towers Canada, PCL, AECON Utilities and Link-Line.

The event included speeches from MNO Region 9 Youth Representative Alex Young and PCMNO Region 9 Councillor Peter Rivers as well as representatives from Union Gas and the Niagara Region Wind Corporation.