Submitted by: MNO Grand River Métis Council Councilor Diane Kilby

Infinite Reach & Youth Canoeist Andre Nault
Métis youth and canoeist André Nault carries the Métis flag
during the Waterloo Pow Wow. Click here for larger picture.
On September 23, 2017, the Métis Nation of Ontario (MNO) Grand River Métis Council (GRMC) participated in St. Paul’s University College’s 14th Annual Traditional Pow Wow at the Waterloo Aboriginal Education Centre. This year marks the fourth consecutive year that the MNO GRMC participated in the event.

André Nault who was a member of the 2017 MNO Canoe Expedition proudly carried the Métis flag during the grand entrance and the closing ceremony.

The MNO GRMC did its absolute best to ensure that there was a visible Métis presence at the Pow Wow, using the opportunity to answer the many questions posed by others about the Métis Nation and its people.

Participation in the Pow Wow was also an excellent fundraising opportunity for the Council. It allowed the Council to raise funds to pursue even more educational ventures.

Despite temperatures well over 30° Celsius, there was vigorous dancing, drumming, crafts and delicious traditional food. It was so hot that some people stayed as close as possible to the shade provided by the MNO GRMC’s tent, while others wore cooling head bands to prevent heat exhaustion.

This Pow Wow was a treasure and the Council hopes to be part of the event again in 2018.

Posted: November 22, 2017