chadChad MarionSubmitted by Jade Bourbonnière, MNO Education and Training Operations Coordinator

Self-identified Métis Chad Marion was interested in a career in Culinary Management because it combined two of his interests: food and science.

To pursue these interests, however, Chad had a few challenges to overcome; most of them being financial. He lived with his mother and worked in a minimum wage dishwasher job that did not provide him with enough money to take a postsecondary Culinary Management course where he could learn the proper methods/process of storing, cooking, preparing and serving food.

Like many other Métis, Chad approached the Métis Nation of Ontario (MNO) and with MNO assistance, Chad was able to enroll in the two-year Culinary Management program at Canadore College in North Bay. There Chad received his Smart Serve, Basic Food Safety Training, and WHMIS.

During his program, Chad learned many valuable skills such as culinary planning/preparation, essential nutritional principles, ensuring a well-maintained kitchen environment, performing effectively as a member of a food and beverage preparation service, self-management, cost control techniques and knowledge of kitchen management techniques.

Chad enjoyed the training because it demanded he be creative. He was encouraged to play with his food so as to make delicious and beautiful meals that people would enjoy.

Today Chad works at the Midland Golf and Country Club as a Line Cook. He prepares and cooks the food and maintains and closes the kitchen. He is now on track for the career in Culinary Management that he had wanted. He credits the support and services of the MNO as a crucial part of his success without which he could not have completed his training in the field he loves.