Image of a beaded poppy

Remembrance Day message from the PCMNO

As we mark Remembrance Day, we invite all citizens to share in a moment of silence as we honour those who have served so bravely in war and in peace.

Defending Canada before there was Canada, our veterans risked their own lives to protect the freedom of our nation and ensure the safety of our people. Our democracy today is built on their sacrifices.

This November 11th, please take the time to thank our friends, neighbours, and all of our relations who have served – and who continue to serve. Lest we forget.


Our MNO Veterans’ Council (MNOVC) works with our citizens, and in particular our youth, to share their knowledge and experiences. These stories must be passed down to keep the legacy and memories of our Metis veterans alive.

Thanks to the efforts of the MNOVC, a commemorative collection of these stories is now available: Fighting for Canada before there was a Canada.

The MNOVC hopes this latest volume of Ontario Métis veterans and their stories will serve as a lasting record of their achievements and an educational resource for young people, schools, libraries and MNO community councils.

We invite all MNO citizens and friends to learn more and support our Métis Veterans by contacting or