mining group
Participants of the MNO collaborative forum and Modernization of the Mining
Act Phase 3 meetings. (Left to right) front row: Joanne Hamelin, Liliane Ethier,
Cam Burgess, Yvonne Jensen, Juliette Denis, Marcel Lafrance, Roger Rose,
Alvina Cimon, Joanne Meyer and Marlene Davidson. Middle row: Bernie
Hughes, Sandy Triskle, Maurice Sarrazin, Mike Guy Laderout, David Hamilton
and Ernest Gatien. Back row: Richard Sarrazin, Steven Sarrazin, Kevin
Muloin, Romeo Sarrazin, Andy Lefebvre, Stan McHale, Al Roussin and Blaine
Davidson. Click here to view a larger image.

From February 26-27 the Métis Nation of Ontario hosted two events in Toronto for MNO Consultation Committees from Regions 1-5, MNO Métis Mining Strategy students, Métis businesses and proponents.

A collaborative forum was held on February 26. The forum provided an opportunity for MNO Consultation Committees, students and Métis businesses to network with proponents and mining companies.

During the forum, Métis lawyer Jason Madden presented on Métis rights which included information on the Powley case, recent legal developments and the road ahead. Madden also presented on business partnerships with Métis.

Other presentations included and overview of the objectives and opportunities of the MNO Métis Mining Strategy, best practices in Métis consultation and accommodation and on understanding of Traditional Knowledge.

Mining industry members were also in attendance. Representatives from Premier Gold, Argonaut Gold, Rubicon Minerals Corp., IAMGOLD, Vale Base Metals and KGHM International Limited provided project updates for current activities in Regions 1-5.

Additionally, on February 27, the MNO held a meeting on the Modernization of the Mining Act Phase 3. The goal of this event was to educate MNO citizens about the changes to Mining Act and how it would impact them. A representative from Northern Development and Mines provided presentations on the background of the Act, what they heard and next steps.