historic-case-2(Left to right) MNO Secretary-Treasurer Tim Pile, Métis Lawyer
Jason Madden, Métis Lawyer Jean Teillet, and MNO President
Gary Lipinski at the Supreme Court for the historic Métis Land
Claim Case on December 13.

The Métis Nation of Ontario (MNO) made its presence felt at the Supreme Court of Canada this week. On Tuesday, December 13, the High Court heard arguments from lawyers on the historic Manitoba Métis Land Claim, which dated back to Manitoba’s entry into Confederation in 1870. The MNO was one of the interveners in the case. It was represented by Métis Lawyer Jean Teillet. Teillet, who is descended from Louis Riel’s brother, and who represented Steve Powley in the historic R v Powley, informed the Court of the important implications of the case to Métis in Ontario.

Many MNO citizens were present at the Supreme Court to witness this historic day. Look for more details on the MNO website in the coming days. Click here to view more information on the case.

jean teillet_supreme_court
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