MNO Launches Fish Monitoring Program in Ontario

MNO Launches Fish Monitoring Program

Respect for the lands and waters is a fundamental element to Métis culture and way-of-life. Therefore, awareness and understanding concerning of the health of our waterways and ecosystems is always a priority.

The Métis Nation of Ontario (MNO) is launching a series of fish monitoring surveys to hear from Métis fishers about their experiences. The survey results will inform fisheries management strategies and target monitoring activities that may be used in consultations to help protect MNO harvesters’ abilities to exercise their Section 35 rights. The surveys will also help track the presence of invasive species like Asian Carp.

There are three reporting surveys available to complete:

  1. Fishing Trip Report:
  2. Fish Measurements and Health Report:
  3. Palatability Report:

The three surveys will be accessible via the MNO’s website and will be available year-round.

We appreciate any and all information Métis fishers are willing to share about their experiences in order to better understand the health of Ontario waterways and the fish that live in them.

At the end of each year, the MNO Environment and Climate Change Team will hold a prize draw for each survey. Entries received in each survey category will be eligible to win a $250 Cabela’s gift card. Draws will take place annually each September and prizes will be sent out that month.

Participants will also be emailed a high level data summary report with the previous year’s findings.