Youth Wellness Connection “Let’s Chat About Mental Health”

A safe place to visit, chat with other teens and learn about mental wellness in an interactive and creative environment.


Ages: 11-13 or 14-17 depending on the session and topic


Navigating today’s world for youth can be complicated and challenging.

Shifting from the teen years to young adulthood requires young people to be equipped with the tools to build resilience, feel comfortable and confident having conversations about what is going on in their lives, and monitor their wellness.

Understanding health, mental health and the connection between them are not always evident.

Having a place to learn, chat and engage is essential as pandemic isolation impacts youth mental health.

This online hub is where Métis youth can interact, share and exchange.

The hub will have one-stop access to navigators, youth council representatives, traditional knowledge keepers, specialists and monthly guest visitors.

We want to ensure that Métis youth have a safe landing space to talk and gather mental health information and support in a culturally safe environment.

Stay tuned as each month we gather to chat about topics such as: Substance Use, Living Life Online Social Media and Mental Health, Self Confidence, Youth Outdoor Challenges, Creating Safe and Inclusive Spaces for LGBTQ2S Teens, Weaving Métis Culture Into Your Wellness, How To Stay Safe During a Mental Health Crisis and Environmental Stewardship and Mental Wellness.



The first session is Monday, November 22, 2021

Time: 7:30 – 8:30pm


Session Name:  Stress • Anxiety • Wellness

Age Group: 14-17

Sessions Topics:

What is stress?

What is anxiety?

Implementing wellbeing strategies

Complete a wellness wheel



Tera Beaulieu, Director, Weaving Wellness Center

Tera is a Citizen of the Métis Nation of Ontario and is the founder and Director of the Weaving Wellness Centre, a private clinical and consulting practise specializing in serving Indigenous peoples and communities and those who have experienced trauma. Tera is also completing her Doctor of Philosophy in the Counselling/Clinical Psychology Program at the University of Toronto. She sits as the Region 8 Women’s Representative with the Métis Nation of Ontario Women’s Council. Tera is a mom to two little ones, Beau and Aurora, and loves hanging out with the community and watching really bad reality TV in her spare time!


Jessica Brown, RSW,  Youth Mental Health Navigator

Jessica Brown is one of the Child and Youth Mental Health and Addictions Navigators with the Métis Nation of Ontario. Jessica is a social worker who has worked with children and youth over the past five years in the field of behaviour therapy as well as mental health and addictions. Jessica has a passion for mental health advocacy and ensuring children and youth have access to the appropriate mental health resources.