MNO mourns passing of Phil McGuire—a proud steward of the land


The Métis Nation of Ontario (MNO) is deeply saddened by the passing of Phil McGuire, a proud MNO citizen and Captain of the Hunt in Region 2.

An avid outdoorsman, Phil spent a lot of his time in the backwoods of Lake Superior’s North Shore where he would provide wild excursion tours to those wishing to see one of the province’s beautiful wildernesses.

Phil was passionate about protecting Métis land and rivers. In fact, in an op-ed in the Toronto Star, Phil spoke about just how important these lands are to Métis people.

“I have always been a proud steward of this land and the creatures on it. My people have a strong connection to the land, water, plants and animals around us, and we embrace a respectful use of the resources Mother Nature shares with us. But so long as we are the ones taking care of the land, our voices need to be heard.”

Born on May 16, 1946, in Sudbury, Phil moved to Hurkett as a young child, and finally settled in Red Rock where he raised his family.

Phil is survived by his two children Roger and Michelle as well as many grandchildren.

Speaking to his legacy, PCMNO Regional Councilor Tim Sinclair comments: “Most of us who know Phil know how special he was and will always remember him in their own way. Phil spoke with passion which was both charismatic and eloquent. Again those who listened, knew he really did know his stuff.  Phil had a wealth of knowledge of the history of the region and knowing where you have been makes it easier to see where you’re going.”

The Métis Nation of Ontario extends its heartfelt condolences to his friends and family and are thankful for the hard work he provided to help preserve Métis way of life in Ontario.