Sovon lé zabèy (Save the bees)

Climate change, pesticide use and habitat loss have contributed to insect and, specifically, bee population decline in Canada. MNO citizens can help support bee populations right in their own backyards!Poster with an image of a bee.

The MNO Native Bee Monitoring Project encourages Métis households to support local bees, specifically solitary bees that nest in hollow cavities (e.g. mason, leafcutter, and other species) in three main ways:

• Setting up a bee hotel
• Reporting on plant bloom times
• Filling out an end-of-season survey (reporting on species, weather, etc.)

Project participants will receive a bee hotel, planting supplies and resources to help identify native bee and plant species. Planting supplies include a variety of flowers native to Ontario with different bloom periods -so there are flowering plants providing a food source for bees all season long!

This project is open to MNO citizens interested in spending time on the land and able to commit to the monitoring requirements (taking photos and collecting information from May to October). The program is open to MNO citizens 18+ years — as you must own or rent property — however we encourage youth and families to participate together. Data will be shared with outside agencies to help support native bee conservation.

Please complete the online form by clicking the button below to be considered for the program.