Submitted by: MNO Métis Family Wellbeing Program Coordinator Amanda Farrell

MNO North Bay Métis Council Hosts Annual Harvest Gathering -photo (2)
(Left-right): MNO Community Support Services Coordinator
Mary-Kelly McCormick, Girl Guides of Canada 2nd year
Brownie Charlotte and MNO Community Wellness
Coordinator Mattingly Turgeon at the MNO North Bay
Métis Council Harvest Gathering. Click here for larger picture.
On September 23, 2017, the Métis Nation of Ontario (MNO) North Bay Métis Council (NBMC) welcomed 120 participants to its annual Harvest Gathering at the Callander Community Centre in Callander just outside of North Bay.

The MNO NBMC takes pride in maintaining connections with its citizens, families and community members. The Council works collectively to provide cultural experiences to the communities they work with and to protect and practice the Métis Way of Life. The MNO NBMC with the MNO staff from the MNO North Bay office embraced a team-work approach to provide an exceptional community gathering.

One of the highlights of the Harvest Gathering was a presentation by MNO NBMC Youth Representative Sophie Larocque. She shared her experiences growing up within the Métis community and talked about her present role as a leader within the MNO NBMC.

Sophie said, “The Harvest Gathering was a great success this year. As the Youth Representative for the North Bay Métis Council it was my honour to greet everyone at the registration table. Citizens from all over Northern Ontario came to celebrate our Harvest Gathering. It was a beautiful day to have a sacred fire to connect with spiritually and receive knowledge… The Harvest Gathering brought back many memories of when I was a little girl and my father first started to bring me to gatherings and how excited and proud I would get to wear my sash even though I did not fully understand our culture or our heritage. As I am always expanding my knowledge, I feel more confident and able to share with the youth of my region. I am looking forward to many more of these events being hosted and connecting with the youth, the elders as well as new people interested in the culture and help them connect with this amazing heritage I can share with them.”

To promote an inclusive environment, the MNO NBMC provided an allergy-friendly diet with of traditional food selections for lunch and dinner. The Council had indoor and outdoor activities that promoted a harvest theme available to everyone that included: archery, Métis Voyageur Games, basket weaving, dot art, sacred fire, storytelling, live bilingual music, Clydesdale horse wagon rides, cultural displays and vendors.

The MNO NBMC with MNO staff from the North Bay MNO office look forward to sharing more cultural programming to promote the Métis Way of Life within their community.

Please contact the office at 705-474-2767 for more information of upcoming programs.

Posted: November 2, 2017