Updated plan recognizes importance of Métis participation

Toronto, Ontario (November 23, 2010) — Today, the government of Ontario, after extensive public consultations, released its Long-Term Energy Plan (LTEP). This updated plan will help guide the province as it continues to build a reliable, clean and cost-effective energy system for Ontario families now and into the future.

The LTEP recognizes that the successful participation by Métis and First Nation communities is important to advance key energy projects. It includes a section on Aboriginal communities and developing opportunities for Aboriginal participation in renewable energy and transmission projects. Importantly, the plan recognizes that the path forward requires regular and meaningful dialogue between the government and Métis and First Nation leadership. “This government has clearly demonstrated the respect it has for its relationship with the Métis people of Ontario both through unique program supports and commitment to future relationship building,” said Métis Nation of Ontario (MNO) President Gary Lipinski. “I look forward to continued opportunities for discussion as proposed by Ontario in the LTEP. The governments clean energy plan is in line with our environmental values and we appreciate being able to play an important role and to benefit from the realization of the clean green economy of the future.”

In particular, the following aspects of the LTEP are encouraging to the MNO:

  • Ontario’s commitment to meeting its duty to consult Métis and First Nation communities and accommodate these communities if the potential exists that these communities could be adversely impacted;
  • provision of capacity funding for aboriginal communities that are discussing partnerships on future transmission projects;
  • distinct processes for working with Métis and First Nation communities;
  • programs to support conservation initiatives (participation in conservation initiatives, including Aboriginal Community Energy Plans and targeted conservation programs);
  • opportunities for Métis and First Nation communities in the renewable energy sector.

For more information contact:
Joanne Meyer
Director of Intergovernmental Relations
Métis Nation of Ontario