Métis Nation of Ontario (MNO) President Margaret Froh reacted positively to the introduction of a new Child and Family Services legislation by the Ontario government on December 8. President Froh stated: “The Ontario government’s commitment to strengthening communities is important to improving outcomes for Métis children and families across this province. Child and family services in Ontario is in need of significant reform, including legislation that replaces offensive terminology with current and more appropriate language and ensures that Métis children, families and communities are recognized, respected and included along with other Indigenous peoples.”

According to information received from the Ministry of Children and Youth Services, the new legislation will have the following themes:

  • Prevention and protection
  • Quality improvement
  • Accountability and oversight
  • First Nations, Inuit and Métis Services

The legislation is also intended to affirm the government’s commitment to reconciliation and implementation of the Ontario Indigenous Children and Youth Strategy (OICYS) and to reflect a child and youth-centred approach. The legislation is designed to take a distinctions-based approach – recognizing that First Nations, Métis and Inuit have rights to services under the Act. It is expected to focus on unique relationships between Ontario and Métis, First Nations and Inuit people.

While the MNO intends on doing a full review of the new legislation and participating in committee hearings on the legislation, it generally sees the legislation as a positive development. President Froh stated: “The Métis Nation of Ontario sees new legislation as a step toward more effective, prevention-based approaches to improving outcomes for Métis children and youth, which is a shared interest of the MNO and the Government of Ontario as set out in our MNO-Ontario Framework Agreement. We look forward to reviewing the bill and participating in the dialogue that will follow its introduction, and to developing a stronger partnership with the Government of Ontario in the area of child and family services for the benefit of all Métis children and youth.”

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Published on: December 9, 2016