MNO Ready-to-Work Program Students GraduateSault Ste. Marie Ready-to-Work graduates:
Back row, left to right: Jenilee Neveau, Marshal Agawa,
Ashley Tanner, Loretta Nolan, Sheila Pitawanakwat and
Lisa Bonin. Front row, l to r: Becky Rogers (MNO Job
Developer), Scott Wilkins, Marie Murphy-Foran (MNO
Facilitator), Cyndi Boston Cloutier (MNO Project Coord.),
Kyle Russell, Sarah Shawanda and Dominic

MNO Ready-to-Work Program Students Graduate2
Midland Ready-to-Work graduates:
Back row, left to right): Nicole Williams, Naomi LeCamp,
Cortney Lottermoser, Kristen Stewart (MNO Job Developer),
Brenda McCue and Ken Laycock. Front row, l to r: Ashley
LeCamp, Jem St. Germaine, Sheila Kidd, Sue Tait (OTEC
Facilitator), Cathie Williams, Jenne Finley and Darlene

MNO Ready-to-Work Program Students Graduate3
Ottawa Ready-to-Work graduates:
Back row, left to right: Gilbert McGillivary, Charleen
Kakekagumick, April Guanish, Darlene Gear-White,
Vanessa Petawabano. Front row, l to r: Christine King,
Chantal Lemire (MNO Job Developer), Tanya Sadler
(OTEC Facilitator) Absent: Monica Ethier & Mervin Leclair.On December 3, 2010, students from Sault Ste. Marie in the Métis Nation of Ontario (MNO) Ready-to-Work (RTW) program were in the mood to celebrate as were students in Ottawa and Midland in the same program on December 17. On each of these days, the students held graduation parties to recognize their achievements in completing the program.

The Ready-to-Work program is a partnership between the MNO and the Ontario Tourism Education Corporation (OTEC). Its purpose is to provide tourism and hospitality training for Aboriginal people. Graduates receive essential skills development through emerit Tourism Essentials (TOE), Service Excellence and Canadian Workplace Essentials (CWE) training to help them successfully transition into the tourism and hospitality workforce. Participants also received the core industry certifications needed to get a job in tourism and begin working toward their emerit National Tourism Certified Professional (TCP) designation in any of 21 recognized tourism occupations.

“Ready-to-Work really built up my confidence,” explained RTW graduate Sarah Hamill, “I feel very prepared and excited to launch my new career.” At least 28 individuals graduated from the RTW program this December. These most recent graduates are part of over 60 people who have successfully completed the program, most of who are already employed in the tourism and hospitality industry.