Métis Nation of Ontario Registry Update

May 31, 2019 — The Métis Nation of Ontario (MNO) has restructured our Registry operations so that all registry functions including processing citizenship applications, Harvester applications and renewals, and cards will be provided by an independent third-party organization, Know History Inc. Know History, an Ottawa-based historical services firm, has spent the last five years working closely with the MNO to research Ontario’s historic Métis communities and Root Ancestors, and is the most experienced firm in Canada working on Métis genealogical research and analysis. All file reviews, including citizenship and harvester applications, and all other administrative functions associated with the Registry will continue to be conducted in accordance with the MNO citizenship requirements as per the MNO Bylaws and Registry Policy. This operational restructuring has been guided by what we have heard over the past many years from MNO Citizens, and is consistent with the MNO Statement of Prime Purpose, which states “to research, publish and promote the genealogical documentation of the Métis, and to establish and maintain a registry of the Métis Citizens of Ontario.”

      • We want to assure our Citizens that the registry of the Métis Citizens of Ontario still belongs to and is maintained by the MNO.
      • Know History has assumed the day-to-day operations, but Registry data and genealogical database is the MNO’s.
      • The privacy of Citizens and applicants remains one of our highest priorities.
      • Know History has entered into a strict confidentiality agreement with MNO to ensure the protection of personal and confidential information and will access Registry data using computers that are securely encrypted to ensure data security.
During the 2017 MNO Commission on Métis Rights and Self-Government, you told us that you want us to:
      1. Improve our communications with all MNO Citizens
      2. Speed up the processing times for citizenship applications
      3. Increase support and training for individuals applying for citizenship, and
      4. Ensure that Citizens’ contact information is up-to-date so you get all of the information you need to fully engage with the MNO.

A team of Client Advocates will work one-on-one with MNO Citizens to provide assistance, answer questions, and help with genealogical research. This will take time to implement. In the meantime, there are some immediate improvements and established timelines that you can expect.

Faster response times
From now on, Citizens and applicants who call or email the Registry for information can expect to speak with a Client Advocate immediately or receive a response from a Client Advocate within 3-5 business days. Given the large volume of calls we are receiving at this time we cannot commit to a shorter timeframe, however we expect that response times will soon be reduced to 1 business day.

Issuing new cards
The Registry Review and Self Government Readiness Process has been completed and more than 15,000 letters have been mailed out to MNO Citizens. We commit that all Citizens who have received a letter indicating their file is complete will receive a new card by the end of July.

Citizenship applications
The Registry receives many calls every day from individuals who have applied for citizenship and who are seeking information on the status of their application. Applicants can expect to receive a letter with details about their application by the end of June, 2019. Those applicants that have been approved for citizenship will get a card in the mail by the end of July, 2019.

While we have assessed nearly 3,000 applications, there are many more that need to be processed. This backlog will be cleared by the end of August. Future applications meeting all the criteria required for citizenship will be processed within three months of receipt of the application. The registry includes out of date address information for more than 4,000 Citizens. If you would like to confirm your address, please send an email to info@mnoregistry.ca with your contact information and citizenship number. All Registry-related inquiries and applications should be sent to info@mnoregistry.ca or 1-855-798-1006. Any questions about this transition or the decision about the Registry should be directed to Jennifer St. Germain and Joanne Meyer:

Joanne Meyer
Chief Operating Officer
Métis Nation of Ontario
Suite 311, 75 Sherbourne Street
Toronto, On M5A 2P9
W: 416-977-9881 x.101
C: 416-528-6152
E: joannem@metisnation.org

Jennifer St. Germain
Chief Strategy Officer
Métis Nation of Ontario
Suite 1100 66 Slater Street
Ottawa, ON K1P 5H1
W: 613-798-1488 x.101
C: 613-858-2284
E: jennifers@metisnation.org