Submitted by: Jean Camirand, MNO Thunder Bay Métis Council President

Thunder Bay Council_Wendy Landry
(L-R) Jean Camirand (MNO Thunder Bay Métis Council
President), Wendy Landry (former MNO Thunder Bay
Métis Council President), Cameron Burgess (PCMNO
Region 2 Councilor), and Robert Graham (MNO Thunder
Bay Métis Council Chair). Click here to view a larger
version of the picture.

The grand opening of a special room at Union Gas was the occasion for a presentation by Métis Nation of Ontario (MNO) representatives to Wendy Landry, Union Gas First Nations, Métis and Municipal Affairs Manager and former President of the MNO Thunder Bay Métis Council (TBMC).

On September 7, 2016, Union Gas held a special ceremony to unveil a new room dedicated to Indigenous peoples. The room, which is located in their Thunder Bay office, boasts remarkable artwork and artefacts from a variety of talented Indigenous artists. The grand opening included a cleansing ceremony and a prayer. In attendance were MNO TBMC Jean Camirand and Chair Robert Graham, as well as PCMNO Region 2 Councilor Cameron Burgess.

The close ties between Union Gas and many Indigenous communities are the direct result of Wendy’s incredible work. As a way to recognize her hard work, at the culmination of the ceremony Councilor Burgess and President Camirand presented Wendy with the MNO Honouring Métis Women is Part of our Culture Métis shawl.

Wendy is a most deserving recipient of this great honour. She advocated for the MNO to ensure that it is included and consulted by the City of Thunder Bay on relevant issues. Through her diligence, the City of Thunder Bay has completely accepted the rights of the Métis and acknowledges Thunder Bay as part of the Lakehead/Nipigon/Michipicoten Métis traditional territory.

Wendy has also taken it upon herself to ensure that every city committee meeting includes a seat for a member of the MNO TBMC― a position she held until another MNO citizen was able to take it over.

Wendy’s efforts have helped the MNO achieve a presence in Thunder Bay as local politicians now automatically include the MNO when any of their addresses include the local Fort William First Nations.

While MNO TBMC President, Wendy maintained a full time job at Lakehead University where she was involved in several women’s organizations, raised a family of six, and was elected as the Mayor of the township of Shuniah! When Union Gas hired Wendy to fill their Aboriginal Liaison position, the MNO was happy to gain a strong Métis voice within the company.

President Camirand says that Wendy is a most remarkable Métis lady and a most deserving recipient of the MNO’s Honouring Métis Women is Part of our Culture Métis shawl. He says it was an incredible honour to be involved in the presentation.

Published on: December 14, 2016