Laframboise and TrudeauMNO Senator Garry Laframboise (left) and Prime Minister
Justin Trudeau.
Submitted by Glen Lipinski, MNO Community Relations Coordinator

The recent election results reminded Métis Nation of Ontario (MNO) Senator Garry Laframboise of his own encounter with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Three years ago, Senator Laframboise attended an event in Welland during Trudeau’s campaign for the Liberal leadership. Senator Laframboise was asked to introduce Trudeau in French.

Due to a bad storm at the time, President Derrick Pont of the MNO Niagara Region Métis Council was unable to attend and Senator Laframboise had the opportunity to present Trudeau with a Métis sash on behalf of the MNO Niagara Region Métis Council.

“He was well aware of the meaning of our sash and was very proud of receiving it as I put it on him,” Senator Laframboise shared in an e-mail.

“I knew at that time that he was going to be successful [but] I did not realize that I was putting it on the next Prime Minister of Canada,” he admitted.

For the Senator, it was truly an honour and a great surprise!

Published on: November 4, 2015