Reg 8 Protocol Signing_webParticipants in the Region Eight Protocol Signing(Left to right) Senator Alis Kennedy, Marilyn Hew, Toronto and York Region Métis Council President Donna Grenier, Robert Bird, MNO Chair France Picotte, Jim Tolles, MNO President Gary Lipinski, MNO Vice-chair Sharon McBride, Richard Cuddy, Credit River Métis Council President Debbie Alves, Senator Ray Bergie, Karen Derocher, Joyce Tolles, Talitha Tolles.June 28, 2011 – Toronto, ON – The Métis Nation of Ontario (MNO) signed the ninth of its Regional Consultation Protocols in Toronto Tuesday. The Protocol was signed between the MNO and two of the Métis community councils in Region Eight. These councils are The Toronto and York Region Métis Council and the Credit River Métis Council. Regional Consultation Protocols help ensure Métis in the region are effectively engaged and consulted.

MNO President Gary Lipinski, MNO Chair France Picotte and Vice-chair Sharon McBride, joined local community council presidents, Debbie Alves (Credit River) and Donna Grenier, (Toronto and York Region) at the signing ceremony in Toronto. The agreement formalized the traditional working relationship that exists among the Métis in the region.

“The signing of this Protocol is an important part of the MNO’s Consultation Framework, which was developed based on province-wide consultations on the Crown’s duty to consult and accommodate back in 2008,” said President Lipinski. “It demonstrates the commitment of Ontario Métis to work together to ensure all citizens have input when projects related to land use planning, energy, mining and forestry on Métis traditional lands are proposed,” he added.

The Métis are a distinct Aboriginal people with a unique culture, language and heritage who played an instrumental role in shaping Canada, and who work tirelessly with their fellow Canadians to share their culture, traditions and knowledge of the environment.