MNO commends the Government of Ontario for continuing its support for the New Relationship Fund and appreciates the Ministry of Aboriginal Affairs role in implementing it. Over the last two years, this important Program has given the Métis Nation of Ontario and its Community Councils the opportunity to build the capacity necessary to ensure the active engagement of Métis in duty to consult activities across the province. The continuation of the NRF funding will ensure that Métis are able to engage with government and participate in meaningful consultation as development activities around the province ramp up.

The MNO is pleased to announce that our multi-year (4 year) application to the New Relationship Fund (NRF), on behalf of MNO’s 31 Community Councils, has been successful. As a result, the MNO has been awarded $2.1 million annually for a total of $8.4 million over a 4 year period. The MNO, on behalf of its Community Councils, will be receiving the maximum amount of funding available to any applicant applying on behalf of more than one community. This is great news that will allow the MNO and its Community Councils to continue the implementation of the MNO Multi-Year Plan for Building Core Consultation Capacity.

The MNO has implemented a unique Métis Consultation process for engagement which was developed after extensive consultations with Métis citizens across the province. This has resulted in the development of a Consultation policy which will serve Métis citizens well into the future.

Over the past 16 months, the MNO has received well over 450 notices from proponents and Métis have effectively participated in many consultation processes that have and will yield results into the future. To date, the MNO has signed a General Relationship Agreement with Great Lakes Power Transmission and Memorandums of Understanding and Work Plans have been negotiated with several proponents on major projects. Negotiations continue on several other General Relationship Agreements.

It is expected that the MNO will receive its first instalment of funding for the 2010-11 fiscal year (April – August, 2010) by the end of August, 2010. Once that funding is received we will be able to proceed with the deliverables identified in this years Contribution Agreement and Work Plan including ongoing work with and support of Councils.

If you require additional information you may contact Joanne Meyer, Director of Intergovernmental Relations at

Quick Facts: MNO’s NRF funding:

  • The MNO has received approval for multi-year NRF funding (4 years – from 2010-11 – 2013-14)
  • The MNO will receive, on behalf of its 31 Community Councils, $2.1 Million annually for 4 years commencing April 1, 2010
  • Revised NRF work plans must be submitted annually prior to the beginning of each new fiscal year
  • Year end reporting will include: A Final Project Report on the year’s deliverables, Final Expenditure Report and Audited Financial Statements