Submitted by: Glen Lipinski, MNO Community Relations Coordinator

Sudbury G&T training
MNO Sudbury Métis Council members. (Left to right):Don Prevost, Jay
Wilson, Maurice Sarrazin, Liliane Chretien, Cleo Melanson, Richard Sarrazin,
Steven Callaghan, and Normand Prevost.

The Métis Nation of Ontario (MNO) Sudbury Métis Council participated in the MNO’s two-day Governance and Finance Training from November 30-December 1.

The training was facilitated by Glen Lipinski, MNO Community Relations Coordinator and Hank Rowlinson, MNO Community Relations Manager.

The two-day training focused on governance and began with a “Métis 101” presentation. Additional topics covered included: visioning, challenges, opportunities and planning for Councils. Lipinski and Rowlinson also concentrated on finance and the New Relationship Fund. They delivered sessions focusing on policies, procedures, aspects of budgeting and general reporting.