Vets -Vimy -Ottawa _0178-inside
MNO and MNBC contingents at the National War Memorial following
the National ceremeny to remeber the Battle of Vimy Ridge. (Front:
left-right) Brittney Bertrand, veteran Eldon Clairmont, Lissa Smith
MNBC Vice President and MNBC Veteran Minister, Jessica Curry,
veteran Todd Ross, Veteran Robert Desjardins, PCMNO Post-
Secondary Representative Katelyn LaCroix, veteran Shelly Claus
MNO Veterans’ Council Women’s Representative, Eleni Pappas,
veteran Sharlene Lance, veteran Dave Armitt C.D, veteran Barb
Hulme C.D., PCMNO Youth Representative Mitch Case.(Middle:left-
right) veteranTanya Davoren, veteran Eleanor Creighton, MNO
Veterans’ Council Chair Guy Mandeville C.D., Senator Ralph Thistle,
Matthew Bombardier (Back:left-right) Jane Brennan C.D., Dalton
Latondress, Michael Strank, MNO President Margaret Froh, veteran
Doug Woods, MNO Veterans’ Council Senator Dr. Alis Kennedy
O.Ont., C.D., O.M.C., MNO Veterans’ Council Sgt-At-Arms Brian
Black. Click here for larger picture.
April 9, 2017, marked the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Vimy Ridge. One of the most consequential battles of the First Word War and one in which Canadian troops played a pivotal role. The Battle of Vimy Ridge was commemorated in Vimy, France, in Ottawa and all over Canada. For over two years, the Métis Nation of Ontario (MNO) Veterans’ Council worked hard on their Vimy Commemoration Project. They planned and fundraised to bring Métis veterans together with Métis youth for Vimy commemoration events in Ottawa the weekend of April 9.

Starting the evening of Friday, April 7, ten MNO veterans were joined in the national capital by seven Métis youth from Ontario as well as six Métis Nation British Columbia (MNBC) veterans and one Métis youth from British Columbia. The following Saturday, the group toured the Canadian War Museum and the Canadian Museum of History during the day and attended a special banquet in the evening.

At the banquet, the veterans and youth heard from MNO President Margaret Froh who presented a number of Louis Riel medals to MNO veterans while MNO Veterans’ Council President Joseph Paquette presented Louis Riel certificates to the same individuals. During the evening, the MNO Veterans’ Council also presented certificates of appreciation to the MNO and MNO President Froh for their support of the Vimy Commemoration Project. The MNO Veterans’ Council also presented President Froh with the original artwork used to create a Métis memorial erected in Penetanguishene (Click here for story). MNO Ottawa Region Métis Council President Benny Michaud and Senator Parmilia Bergie were also presented with certificates of appreciation for their Council’s support of the Vimy Commemoration Project.

Another highlight of the evening was a presentation from police veteran and MNO Great Lakes Métis Council SenatorRalph Wolf Thistle, who on spoke about his experience with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). (Click here to learn more about Senator Thistle’s experience with PTSD).

On Sunday morning the veterans and youth attended the national ceremony to remember the Battle of Vimy Ridge at the National War Memorial. Two MNO citizens had direct roles in the ceremony. During the ceremony “The Act of Remembrance,” is traditionally read by veterans in in English, French and Michif. MNO Veterans’ Council Chair Guy Mandeville read the Act in Michif. The “Commitment to Remember” that follows was also read in English, French and Michif and PCMNO Post-Secondary Representative Katelyn LaCroix read the Commitment in Michif.

The MNO Veterans’ Council plans on providing an extensive article about all the events that were part of their Vimy Commemoration Project, which will be posted on the MNO and MNO Veterans’ Council websites and published in an upcoming edition of the Métis Voyageur newspaper.

Posted: April 12, 2017