Submitted by Greg Garratt, MNO Veterans’ Council Secretary

veteran-youth-exchangeMNO Veterans and Veteran Council Executive members who
attended the MNO Veterans’ Council meeting April 25 in Midland:
(Front left-right) Bernie Lepage; Lisa Tessier C.D., Women’s
Representative/LO; Dr. Alis Kennedy O.Ont., O.M.C., C.D., Senator;
Guy Mandeville C.D., Chair; Daniel Moreau. (Back left-right) Chris
Plummer U.E., C.D., Treasurer; Roger Ladouceur C.D.; Robert
Baskey, Sergeant-at-Arms; Greg Garratt, Secretary; David
Deschambault; and Joseph Paquette, President.

The Métis Nation of Ontario (MNO) Veterans’ Council set some new milestones at its meeting held April 25 at the MNO office in Midland. In addition to the attendance of the entire MNO Veterans’ Council Executive, many verified MNO veterans from the area were also in attendance as well as dignitaries such as MNO Deputy Chief Captain of the Hunt Louise Goulding and MNO Manager of Community Relations Hank Rowlinson.

It was noted during the meeting that in the last several years there has been a marked increase in the number verified MNO veterans. While only three years ago there were only about 20 verified MNO veterans, the number now exceeds 60 and more applications for verifications are pending. This is certainly an impressive milestone for the MNO Veterans Council.

During the meeting the MNO Veterans’ Council Executive updated the other members present about the Council’s significant list of activities and accomplishments, which inspired one of the veterans present, Robert Baskey, to stand up and volunteer to fill the position of Sergeant-at-Arms, the one vacant position on the MNO Veterans’ Council Executive. This was another major milestone because never before in the history of the MNO Veterans’ Council (established in 2001) has every position on the Executive been filled.

Robert Baskey’s verification was completed shortly after the meeting and he was then able to accept the position of Sergeant-at-Arms.

Welcome Robert (Rob) Baskey!