By Veteran and Senator Alis B. Kennedy

Remembrance Day -McGuinty
MNO Veteran and Senator Alis Kennedy with Premier McGuinty

Two Métis Nation of Ontario (MNO) veterans, Harvey Horlock and Senator Alis Kennedy were honoured to be invited by the Office of the Premier to attend Remembrance Ceremonies held in Queen’s Park in Toronto.

“The ceremony was quite emotional and humbling,” stated Senator Kennedy, “I was proud to wear my Canadian Decoration (C.D.) and even prouder to have my father’s World War II medals in my left pocket.”

Premier Dalton McGuinty spoke at the event as did Major-General (retired) Richard Rohmer, OC, CMM, DFC, O. Ont., KStJ, CD, OL, QC, JD, LLD and Brigadier-General F.A. Lewis, FA, MSM, CD. Major-General Rohmer, who is 87 years young, is Canada’s most decorated citizen and Brigadier-General Lewis currently serves as Commander of the Joint Task Force Central/Land Force Central Area.

Remembrance Day -McGuinty Horlock
MNO Veteran Harvey Horlock shakes hands with Premier McGuinty

As it was a cold and windy day, some older veterans had to wear aluminum emergency blankets under EMS orange blankets. The Navy, Army and Air Cadets were kept busy assisting the veterans and providing coffee and blankets and large crowd attended. Most sat in the rear with some people standing behind a impressive mural depicting events from World War I.

Summing everything up, Senator Kennedy said: “It was quite a day that I will not forget; if invited again next year I will again gladly accept the honour.”