What You Need to Know about Small Claims Court!

MNO Webinar
April 17, 2024
6PM-8PM (ET)

The Small Claims Court is often referred to as “the Peoples’ Court” as the rules and procedures are considered to be more relaxed. However, the system is far from being easy to navigate. This presentation will give you an overview of the Small Claims Court, some important rules as well as tips to effectively navigate this venue for justice. If you need to sue someone or if you’re being sued in the Small Claims Court, this presentation will be of assistance.


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About Our Guest Speaker

Robert Barber is a licensed paralegal and the CEO of Prevail Paralegal Services Professional Corporation, which is the largest paralegal firm in the Niagara Region. Robert is an active citizen of the MNO and serves as a Community Councillor on the Niagara Region Métis Council.

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