Gary Lipinski, President of the Métis Nation of Ontario (MNO) welcomes the new regulations which will guide the implementation of the Ontario Green Energy Act which were introduced by Ontario’s Deputy Premier and Minister of Energy and Infrastructure, George Smitherman last week in Toronto.

“I am pleased that the Minister of Energy has taken this important step which should ensure that the Métis Nation of Ontario and its Charter Communities will benefit directly from partnerships with proponents of renewable energy projects,” stated President Lipinski. “This inclusive approach is welcome news for the MNO and we look forward to working with the Ontario Power Authority and proponents of renewable energy on this important initiative.”

The announcement reinforces a government agenda that recognizes the benefits of partnering with Aboriginal peoples to foster economic development opportunities and self-sustainability. Ontario’s commitment to renewable energy projects and job creation in the province works well with traditional Métis values.

“The Green Energy Act inclusive regulations emphasize the importance of the MNO’s Lands, Resources and Consultation Branch’s efforts to ensure that the MNO and its Chartered Community Councils were heard during consultations on the Green Energy Act earlier this year. Recognition of the Métis as a distinct group is evidence that efforts to raise awareness about unique Métis governance structures are successful,” President Lipinski said.

The Ontario Power Authority will be hosting a series of information sessions about the regulations in Métis Nation communities across the province during December, January and February.

President Lipinski added “the Métis people and our communities have a crucial role to play in harnessing the economic development opportunities that exist in Ontario’s renewable energy sector. The Métis share of funding from the Feed-in Tariff will provide much needed resources to assist our communities in partnering with industry and government so that we can take advantage of the economic opportunities that are available to us.”

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