brianblackBrian Black, MNO Director of Self-Government Strategy

The Métis Nation of Ontario (MNO) is pleased to welcome Brian Black as the Director of Self-Government Strategy.

Brian is proud to serve Ontario Métis and is committed to faithfully representing MNO interests in all areas of this work. He strongly believes in the importance of this work as fundamental to the MNO’s mandate and an expression of the inherent right to Self-Government of Métis Communities within Ontario. Brian plans to dedicate himself to working with colleagues, communities and citizens and fulfill his duties with integrity and respect.

In this new strategic role, Brian will be working in collaboration with the PCMNO, MNO Leadership at all levels, Citizens, MNO Senior Staff and key advisors to navigate the next steps to advance Self-Government. Brian will be developing a committed team, but recognizes that this journey to Self-Government is beyond the scope of any one person or unit and that it will require relationship-building, open communication and respect for the many perspectives and voices of MNO Citizens. He knows there is much to do and is prepared to develop, implement and move forward on a solid operational, engagement and communication plan that will ensure MNO remains focused on the work ahead.

Brian is a seasoned leader and business professional. He started his career in the Canadian Navy. He was awarded the Gulf Kuwait Medal for his participation in the First Gulf War. He was also awarded the U.N. Peacekeeping Medal for his participation in Operation Forward Action Operations off the Coast of Haiti in 1994. A proud Métis Naval Veteran Brian circumnavigated the globe and sailed over 47,000 nautical miles in his service to Canada.

Subsequently, Brian worked in global trade, establishing standard loading inspection procedures and frameworks for Port and Transportation Security and preparing container traffic security measures. Most recently, Brian has worked as a Project Manager leading engineering and sales teams to develop new procedures and processes. He brings over 25 years of well-rounded business experience to this new role.

Brian brings a strong work ethic and a deep sense of ownership for initiatives that he is responsible for. He is team-oriented with a positive outlook, strongly-held values, the ability to build solid relationships, and unyielding integrity. Deeply involved in his community, Brian has participated for decades in coaching minor sports in baseball and hockey. Participating in these activities has helped give him opportunities to mentor youth in their development of being upstanding Canadians. Brian also made a mission trip to Uganda in 2008 for a two week village stay to help build a school building.

Before joining the Métis Nation of Ontario’s public service, Brian was the serving President of the Métis Nation of Ontario Veteran Council.

Brian lives in the Oshawa-Durham community with his wife and a school age child.

All inquiries concerning MNO Self-Government can be directed to

Posted on September 17, 2020