The Métis Nation of Ontario is pleased to welcome two new members of the Community Relations team and to re-introduce you to the team as a whole.


We are very pleased to welcome Loma Rowlinson as the new Manager of Community Relations. A proud Métis woman, Loma has served MNO citizens in many different capacities working in the MNO Secretariat since 2003. Most recently she worked as health promotion specialist in the Mental Health and Addictions team. During Loma’s dedicated tenure, she has had the opportunity to meet and work with many of the MNO’s elected leaders, and is excited to lead the Community Relations team as it supports community councils as they continue to take on increasing responsibility and prepare for the transition to MNO’s self-government. Loma is experienced with Indigenous Policy Development, conflict resolution, relationship building, and public speaking. She also brings over twelve years of managerial, negotiations, and communications expertise from previous Federal and Provincial Government employment. The mother of eight children, and of many foster children, Loma is currently working remotely from her home in Greater Sudbury, Ontario. Loma can be reached at or on her mobile phone at 705-698-6183.


We are also pleased to welcome Intern Michael Skura to the Community Relations team. Michael was raised proudly Métis by his multi-generational Métis family. Mike studied Disaster and Emergency Management with a focus on communications at York University and most recently worked at Metrolinx as an Indigenous Intern in the Stakeholder Relations division where he supported community consultations. Mike is excited to support to community councils and to getting to know all elected council leaders. Michael and his partner have a three-year-old daughter and is currently working remotely from Sutton, Ontario. Mike can be reached at or on his mobile phone at 416-518-5894.


Another key member of the Community Relations team is Senior Advisor of Community Relations Glen Lipinski. Having served Métis citizens in many roles in the Secretariat, Glen has been a trusted advisor to councils and their elected leaders for many years. A former community council president himself, Glen is an expert in council governance and highly skilled in fostering collaboration and resolving conflict. Glen has travelled the province working with and training councils, and his experience and institutional knowledge will remain invaluable on this team. Glen comes from a proud Métis family, was raised in Fort Frances, and he is the dedicated father of two children and a proud grandfather. Glen has been working remotely from his home in Thorold, Ontario and can be reached at or on his mobile phone at 905-351-4421.


Supporting the Community Relations Team is Project Coordinator Russell Ott. Russell has worked at MNO since 2015, most recently in the Lands Resources and Consultation Branch. In addition to taking on other new projects in the Intergovernmental Relations Branch, Russell is assuming increased responsibility for supporting councils, particularly as it relates to coordinating reporting-back to MNO funders regarding funding for community councils. Russell looks forward to strengthening his relationships with council leaders and to supporting the Community Relations team on other projects. Russell works in MNO’s Toronto office. Russell can be reached at or on his mobile phone at 416-420-3859.


We are also pleased to introduce you to Folad Hashimi, who in addition to being Executive Assistant to MNO President Margaret Froh, is providing support to the Community Relations team. Folad joined MNO in June of this year, and has previous experience working as an administrative assistant at the country offices of the World Bank and United Nations in Afghanistan. Folad moved to Canada in 2019 with his wife and 4-year-old twin boys. Particularly as MNO resumes meeting in person, council members will have the opportunity to meet and work with Folad. Currently Folad is working remotely from his home in Toronto.


The Community Relations team is part of the Intergovernmental Relations (IGR) Branch, the Director of which is Elizabeth Harvey. Elizabeth has a background in advocacy, empowering constituents and not-for-profit governance, and October 1 will mark Elizabeth’s one-year anniversary of serving in MNO’s public service. The IGR branch is doing work in the areas of intergovernmental relations, MNO governance and community relations. Elizabeth is excited that the Branch is growing, particularly as the increased capacity will be put to good use to support community councils to achieve their objectives. Elizabeth lives in Toronto with her husband and two school-aged daughters. Elizabeth can be reached at or on her mobile phone at 416-949-0651.

The Community Relations team exists to support community councils, and team members are available to support councils and discuss any questions, concerns or suggestions, be it about funding, offices or council governance. This year the team will be rolling out updated governance and finance training, supporting six councils with their elections, working to share best practices between councils, and will continue to coordinate the distribution of COVID funding for councils to support their citizens. Under the leadership of its new manager, the team looks forward to working with councils to improve processes to work together to better serve MNO citizens.

Posted: September 30, 2020