In accordance to the provisions on the Métis Nation of Ontario (MNO) Electoral Code Part A, elections are being held for the Regional Youth Representative in Region 4. Elections to fill this vacancy in the MNO Youth Council will be completed on August 26, 2016.

Click here for information on both candidates contesting the position of Region 4 Representative.

The MNO Chief Electoral Officer, in consultation with the MNO Youth Council, has established an electronic voting (E-Voting) process for filling the current vacancy on the MNO Youth Council at the 2016 Annual General Assembly in North Bay. We are pleased to announce the launch of this pilot project in E-voting for the purposes of the MNO Youth Council election.

Following the close of the nomination process on August 4, 2016, one nomination for the Region 8 representative was received and verified. Simone Blais will be formally acclaimed as the Region 8 representative. No nominations for representatives in Region 5 and Region 9 were received and thus there will no voting for those positions and the positions will remain vacant. Two candidates have been verified for the Region 4 Representative – Rebecca Trudel and Taylor McNally.

Eligible youth voters within the MNO Region 4 will be receiving personalized voter information to access the poll and cast their ballots for one of the two candidates, during the election period. E-voting will commence on August 22, 2016 at 9:00 am and will close on August 26, 2016 at 5:00 pm. Results will be available immediately following the close of elections.

For more information regarding the election, please contact:

Beth Honsberger
Community Relation Coordinator
Métis Nation of Ontario
500 Old St. Patrick Street

Published on: August 18, 2016