MNO’s “first employee” Rose Ann Cormier retires


After 26 years of dedicated service to the Métis Nation of Ontario (MNO), Rose Ann Cormier, Regional Operations Manager and a pillar of the MNO Housing Branch and infinity Property Services (IPS), is retiring.

In her time spent with the MNO, Rose Ann has built both a name for herself and an impressive team. Considered the first “official” MNO employee, she was instrumental in the development of the MNO’s Housing Branch, essentially building it from the ground up.

Rose Ann Cormier
Rose Ann Cormier back in the day!

“We are so grateful to staff like Rose Ann, whose determination and grit over the years has helped make the MNO what it is today,” shared MNO President Margaret Froh. “This whole journey has always been all about our people, and Rose Ann has been there supporting our communities since day one.”

Rose Ann recalls her start date with the MNO fondly and with ease, as it was the same date as her wedding anniversary: July 22, 1995. She also recalls her interview with past MNO President Tony Belcourt, which took place at an unusual venue: the Toronto airport. After that, her career with MNO took off with roles that include property manager and inspector, Senior Business Advisor, and Regional Operations Manager.

We celebrate Rose Ann for her passion and dedication to the housing cause. Throughout her career, which included previous experience working with the federal government, she has been drawn to helping families find homes. As one of 16 siblings, she understands the struggles facing many families and the importance of providing safe, affordable housing. Rose Ann’s personal approach and determination has made a real difference in the lives of many.

Rose Ann’s colleagues know her as a passionate and impeccable leader, describing her as a hard worker who never backs away from a problem, but tackles it head on. Staff who know her well say her experience, knowledge, and story-telling abilities will be missed.

“Rose Ann has been a great mentor to me over the years,” says Robynn Sadler, MNO Director of Housing and Infrastructure. “We’ll miss her and her sense of humor – she has this exceptional ability to always turn a negative or stressful situation into one that you are laughing about in the end.”

But it wasn’t always easy. Rose Ann recalls a time when she had her doubts, going as far as drafting and mailing out her resignation letter. But when her letter was returned for insufficient postage, she took it as a sign that her work was not quite done. Her preservation benefitted many Métis families, and for that, we are all grateful.

As Rose Ann enters this next chapter in her life, MNO staff want her to know that her legacy will continue to be honoured even after her retirement.

“Don’t think of the work your leaving behind. You’ve built a strong team that will pick up the reins and honour your legacy,” shares Robynn. “Enjoy your time Rose Ann, truly, take this as an opportunity to finally do you! We’ll miss you, but know this isn’t good-bye!”

Rose Ann looks forward to a retirement in Innisfil, ON filled with life on the land, gardening, fishing and traveling. The entire MNO offers heartfelt thanks to Rose Ann for all of her contributions over the past 26 years, and wish her well in this exciting new stage in life!