tea seriesDr. Brian Tucker presents on Harvesting during the inaugural MNOYC Tea Series

The Métis Nation of Ontario Youth Council (MNOYC) held their inaugural virtual Tea Series on Tuesday, September 1, 2020 with special guest Dr. Brian Tucker presenting on Métis harvesting. Co-hosted with MNO President Margaret Froh the monthly online gatherings will highlight key topics of interest to the youth followed up with a period of discussions.

Dr.Tucker shared experiences and photos, balancing traditional knowledge with personal anecdotes. He then opened up the discussion to give Métis youth the opportunity to ask questions, providing thoughtful responses to each.

Over 20 youth participated in the inaugural online Tea Series and the MNOYC is eager to the keep the momentum going.

“Right now we want to hear from young people who they’d want to have tea with, and or topics of conversation they would be interested in joining,” said Jordyn Playne, President of the MNOYC and PCMNO Youth Rep. “As we move towards self-government and constitution building it will be so important to have spaces like these for young people to engage in conversation and ask questions.”

President Froh believes the creation of space for Métis youth is vital in building a strong, engaged Métis community.

“Something we’ve been wanting to do for some time now, is to create a space for us to come together on a regular basis with young Métis people to talk,” said President Froh. “It gives us an opportunity to talk about what’s going on within the MNO, the work that we’re doing, what’s coming in the future, and how we can engage with young people on all these issues.”

Métis youth with ideas for topics or special guests are encouraged to reach out to the MNOYC or to Jordyn with their suggestions.

Be sure to follow the MNO and MNOYC on social media for announcements on future Tea Series sessions!

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Posted on September 3, 2020