The Town of Parry Sound on Georgian Bay will be the venue for 2011 AGA, which will take place at the Bobby Orr Community Centre.

Parry Sound, ON (December 8) – The Provisional Council of the Métis Nation of Ontario (PCMNO) announced today that the 2011 Métis Nation of Ontario (MNO) Annual General Meeting (AGA) will be hosted by the Moon River Métis Council in the small picturesque community of Parry Sound, Ontario, August 20-22, 2011. The business meeting and cultural events of the weekend for the last few years have been preceded by two days of workshops and it is hoped that format will be available this year as well. It looks like an exciting venue for MNO citizens to conduct the business of the nation, celebrate our proud heritage and culture and reconnect with friends and family.

“We are extremely honoured to be hosting the MNO AGA for the first time,” exclaimed Louise Goulding, Chair of the Moon River Council, “Parry Sound will be an ideal location as it is right on Georgian Bay. The Bay was very important to all Métis as our ancestors lived on, and traveled it extensively as voyageurs, fishermen, trappers and lumbermen. The Moon River Métis Council and the Town of Parry Sound will ensure that this will be one of the most memorable MNO AGAs ever!”

Pauline Saulnier, PCMNO Councilor for Region 7, which includes Parry Sound, congratulated the Moon River council for taking the initiative to host the AGA. “This will be a great event,” she said, “let’s show the Nation what Region 7 is capable of accomplishing!”

MNO President Gary Lipinski stated: “The Moon River Council has a lot to offer, and along with the local council, I look forward to welcoming MNO citizens to the 2011 AGA. I am confident this will be another productive AGA, where we both learn a lot and enjoy ourselves as we experience the flavour of Métis communities from across the province.”

Hugging the shores of Georgian Bay, the Town of Parry Sound is the world renowned jewel of the 30,000 Islands of the Georgian Bay. Located approximately 2 hours north of Toronto, and forty-five minutes away by air, Parry Sound has a year-round population of 18,000 and will welcome the MNO with its small-town charm. For more information on Parry Sound, view the following website:

The AGA business meeting and many of the associated events are taking place at the Bobby Orr Community Centre with several other great venues available such as the Charles W. Stockey Centre for the Performing Arts, which coincidentally is the home of the Bobby Orr Hall of Fame.

Announcements about AGA registration, activities, venues, accommodations and meals will be forthcoming in the New Year, but for now mark August 18-22 on your calendar for the 2011 MNO AGA!