More than 180 citizens from Métis Nation of Ontario (MNO) Region 7 attended a first-of-its-kind open house to learn about nuclear safety, ask questions of subject matter experts, and get information on the proposal for a Deep Geological Repository in Teeswater, Ontario.

The MNO Lands, Resources and Consultations (LRC) branch hosted the Nuclear Safety Open House in Blue Mountain on Saturday, May 27, 2023, with support from the Nuclear Waste Management Organization (NWMO). The open house was held to build awareness about nuclear safety and the NWMO’s proposal for the storage of nuclear waste. It was an opportunity for MNO citizens to take the lead in learning about the environmental considerations that could affect future generations.

The event kicked-off with a flag procession led by the Georgian Bay Traditional Territory Consultation Committee (GBTTCC), followed by an opening prayer by Honorary Senator Verna Porter-Brunelle.

Citizens were invited to venture around the conference room to engage with diagrams and educational signage. Speakers included representatives from the NWMO and subject matter experts such as the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission, Impact Assessment Agency of Canada, Toronto Zoo, Global First Power, Cameco, Ontario Power Generation, and Bruce Power.

Great Lakes Métis Council President Peter Coture shared, “Events like this allow for everything to be out on the table. We can all talk about it and get people interested.”

Marc Mantha, Moon River Métis Council President, added, “When we do something like this, in a situation where we are with friends and neighbours, we can take our own time to learn.”

“It’s great to get information, and the kids really enjoyed their experience. They are our future and will be living in the world longer than us,” said participant and citizen Justin Osborne.

During the day, families enjoyed live music from the Métis band The Red Hot Stove Pipes. In addition to live music, there were various activities for children to enjoy, such as caricature portraits, balloon animals, and air-brush tattoos.

The MNO sincerely thanks all those who participated in the first Nuclear Safety Open House. For more information about nuclear waste management and safety, be sure to check out our page at this link. 

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