Orange Shirt Day has become a national movement to recognize and honour the experiences of survivors of Residential Schools and serves as a reminder to all of us that every child matters. We welcome MNO staff and community members to participate in this event on Monday, September 30th. Send us your photos or post them to the MNO’s Facebook site.

Why an orange shirt?
Orange Shirt Day was inspired by Phyllis Webstad who was 6 years old when she was sent to St. Joseph’s Indian Residential School – a place known as the “Mission”. Her Granny had bought her a new orange shirt for her first day. Upon her arrival to the Mission, her clothes and belongings were taken. She would never see her orange shirt again. Phyllis had to stay in St. Joseph’s Residential School for 300 sleeps, the orange shirt is a reminder of this difficult history and a symbol to never forget and to make change for the better.

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