June 3, 2019

Roger Rose

Lee Rivet
Lee Rivet

The Provisional Council of the Métis Nation of Ontario (PCMNO) is very pleased to announce that Roger Rose will represent Region 5 and Lee Rivet will represent Region 6 on the PCMNO.

The announcement comes after Rose and Rivet, were appointed during a secret ballot vote at the PCMNO meeting on June 1, 2019.

Roger Rose has served as Chair of the MNO Mattawa Métis Council for the past 14 years. Rose has done work with the Mattawa/Lake Nipissing Regional Consultation Committee. Rose and the MNO Mattawa Métis Council also volunteer at the annual MNO Infinite Reach March Break Camps.

Lee Rivet currently sits on the Highland Waters Métis Community Council. Rivet is a registered Veteran with the Métis Nation of Ontario Veterans’ Council (MNOVC) and has been presented with the MNOVC’s Louis Riel Commemorative Medal.

On April 2, past Region 5 Councilor Dan Boulard and Region 6 Councilor Tom Thompson Jr. resigned from their position. These resignations began the process to fill the vacancy on the PCMNO following the MNO Bylaws (“If any vacancy occurs the PCMNO may appoint as a replacement a citizen of the MNO, and that person shall hold office until the next election”).

The PCMNO announced that MNO citizens wishing to fill the position should make their intentions known by submitting a short letter and current resumé. Applications for the position were accepted until April 23.

MNO citizens that expressed their interest were reviewed by PCMNO at their meeting on June 1, in Toronto. The PCMNO would like to acknowledge all candidates that had put forward their names to serve.

“On behalf of the PCMNO, I want to congratulate Roger and Lee on their appointments. We are very much looking forward to working with them to better the lives of MNO citizens and communities and know they will be a strong advocates for MNO citizens in their respective regions,” stated MNO President Margaret Froh.

Rose and Rivet will serve as Regional Councilors until the MNO election in 2020.

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