PCMNO Meeting Recap
Friday, March 19, 2021


On Friday, March 19, 2021, the Provisional Council of the Métis Nation of Ontario (PCMNO) held a meeting to discuss a series of matters including continuing review of the draft MNO Code of Conduct, Confidentiality and Conflict Resolution policies, as well as the Métis Rules of Order Revitalization Project.

President’s Update

Opening remarks from MNO President Froh updated the PCMNO on developments that have occurred since the special session of the PCMNO held on March 12, 2021. Included in the President’s update:

      • Acknowledgement of the tragic loss of three-year old Métis baby, Phoenix, and offered condolences to the family and Geraldton Métis Community.
      • Meeting with Honourable Steven Guilbeault, Minister of Canadian Heritage, to discuss engagement with MNO on language, sports, and culture –including the revitalization of Michif language and potential long-term sustainable funding
      • Update on portfolio assignments, preparations and next steps
      • Discussed strengthening the relationship between MNO leadership and staff; including the need for supporting healthy collaboration, and workplace safety and building regional and local capacity
      • Addressed the training for PCMNO leaders to undertake and referenced that,
        • Training is to be adapted and extended to the community council leadership; and
        • Additional opportunities to enhance MNO governance capacity at all levels
          • including good governance and financial governance training
        • Referenced a second forum on Métis identity and Citizenship purported to be a Metis National Council (MNC) event in spite of the complete lack of engagement or endorsement by the majority of the Governing Members
        • Highlighted on a more positive note the upcoming MNO-Canada Collaborative Forum scheduled for March 30, 2021


DRAFT – Code of Conduct/ Interim Conflict Resolution Policy

The PCMNO was provided with drafts of the code of conduct and interim conflict resolution policy.   PCMNO with representatives from Pape Salter Teillet (PST) reviewed in more detail the draft Code of Conduct as a document to help to create safe, respectful spaces for Citizens to be fully engaged; and to strengthen the MNO in its continued path to self-government.

The Draft Code of Conduct Executive Summary provided a progress update and highlighted the:

      • Purpose and application of the Code in the respectful exercise of democratic rights
        • Debate on whether the Code should apply to elected officials always
      • Standards of Conduct for Citizens that flows from MNO core values and principles established in MNO Statement of Prime Purpose
      • Conflict Resolution
        • Code envisioned to create “Office of Ethics and Integrity” led by a commissioner and responsible for implementing conflict resolution processes; “Office” will also build programs and is intended to be proactive, rather than reactive or punitive in policy
        • Creation of Resolution Advisors, MNO Citizens specially trained and capable of informal dispute resolutions and holding hearings within communities
      • Sanctions and appeals process


Updates are being made to the drafts based upon the review and any further feedback. There will be additional conversations around a plan to outreach and engage more generally to ensure there are substantive opportunities for council leadership and citizens to provide further input and recommendations into the development of these documents.


Métis Rules of Order Revitalization and Meeting Procedures

PCMNO reviewed the draft Métis Rules of Order; and discussed how the Rules can be revitalized, “MNO-ized,” and adapted so that it is applicable to all, including PCMNO, Chartered Community Councils, and Advisory Councils. Discussions focused on importance of:

      • Creating transparency, inclusivity, and “diversity through unity” so all voices are heard
      • How it connects to the Code of Conduct, to ensure that meetings are respectful and collaborative
      • Need for engagement with MNO Citizens and leadership for feedback
      • Future ratification of Métis Rules of Order at Annual General Assembly