PCMNO Meeting Held May 28

On Friday May 28, the Provisional Council of the Métis Nation of Ontario (PCMNO) met via Zoom for a full day of updates and discussions focused on the release of the Registry Report, a review of the draft Métis Rules of Order and Code of Conduct, legal and self-government updates, and other key items. A recap summarizing the previous meetings of April 23 and May 7 can be found online.

President’s Update

In her update, President Froh addressed the significance of the RSRP, or Registry Report, whose findings and conclusions validate the legitimacy of the MNO, its Registry and Citizenship files. The Registry Review was a focus for Friday’s session, and legal counsel from Pape Salter Teillet (PST) joined the PCMNO to discuss the findings and next steps during an In-Camera portion of the meeting.

The update from the President also referenced developments on key items such as:

      • Recent meetings of the Regional Councilors to discuss 1) the options of regional bank accounts and 2) meeting of the Regional Councilors from Region 1,2,3,4 and 7 related to discussions on resource-revenue sharing resolution and the drafted letter putting Ontario on notice for future negotiations as per PCMNO direction.
      • Held post-PCMNO town hall with leadership for updates on previous PCMNO meetings
      • Upcoming strategic planning sessions, to set (and reset) strategic priorities and objectives for the benefit of MNO Secretariat, and regional and local levels
      • Report on Child Youth Family Services (CYFS) discussions; and Early Learning and Child Care (ELCC)
      • Meetings with Regional communities on collective work to advance self-government, Regional Implementation Agreements (RIAs) and workplans
      • Update on national level: MNO staff continue meeting regularly with other Métis governments, Ontario, and Canada to advance collective priorities; and
        • 2021 budget commitments from Canada and how investments will translate to direct benefits for MNO Citizens
        • Litigation updates that are intended to call for constructive action within the MNC
      • Vaccination update Over 60% of adult population have received one dose, 10% have received two-doses; MNO will continue working to provide updated information to combat vaccine hesitantcy


TD Direct Investment Banking Resolution
Secretary Treasurer Jo Anne Young and CFO Ursula D’Angelo

PCMNO discussed the TD Direct Investment Banking Resolution, which allows MNO to sell shares on behalf of MNO Community Councils. The resolution drafted will be provided to TD bank, who facilitates the selling of shares. Furthermore, the resolution identified the roles and responsibilities of the Trading Officers and Signing Officers:

      • Trading Officers
        • President and Chief Executive Officer: Margaret Froh
        • Secretary-Treasurer: Jo Anne Young
        • Chief Financial Officer: Ursula D’Angelo
        • Director of Finance: Mary Jessop
      • Signing Officers
        • President and Chief Executive Officer: Margaret Froh
        • Secretary-Treasurer: Jo Anne Young
        • Chief Financial Officer: Ursula D’Angelo
        • Chief Strategy Officer: Jennifer St. Germain


Métis Rules of Order & MNO Meeting Procedures
MNO Chair Hank Rowlinson and Vice-Chair Sharon Cadeau

The PCMNO reviewed the latest draft Métis Rules of Order, which provides guidelines around interactions in meetings and strengthens a culture of respect at all levels within the MNO. Engagement sessions are being scheduled via Zoom with MNO regional and local leadership, community councils, captains of the hunt and advisory councils for additional feedback and discussion.

A verbal report (and resulting action items) regarding draft consultation and engagement was delivered by Chair Rowlinson, which outlined the next steps and tools to be engaged in consultation with the community. Following discussions, it was requested that:

      • The MRO include a clause that the MRO be reviewed on a regular basis; and that the President’s protected agenda items/listed priorities be proportional to number of meeting days
      • A copy of the proposed consultation plan be sent to the PCMNO
      • The Chair and Vice-Chair proceed with consultation process on the MRO as outlined in draft consultation plan presented at May 28 meeting


Meeting Dates and Break
MNO Chair Hank Rowlinson

Following conversations with HR, the PCMNO has announced a three-week break for the PCMNO and executives, which will take place over the last two weeks of July and first week of August.



Registry Review Report & Next Steps on Report Release and Engagement
In Camera

The PCMNO passed Resolution PC210528-09 approving of and directing the MNO administration to implement the following next steps related to the Registry Review:

      1. Develop and release a series of communication tools in order to engage with MNO citizens on the outcomes of the Registry Review;
      2. Undertake province-wide consultations with all MNO citizens through a series of virtual Town Hall meetings open to all MNO citizens during the summer of 2021;
      3. Develop a “What We Heard” report based on the province-wide consultations to be publicly released following review and consideration by PCMNO; and
      4. Based on the “What We Heard” report, look towards a province-wide vote (in Fall/Winter 2021) and/or Special Assembly on MNO citizenship (in Fall/Winter 2021 or early 2022, subject to public health and safety requirements) to guide further decision-making on next steps related to the Registry Review Final Report and/or potential amendments needed to the MNO Bylaws and MNO Registry Policy.


Legal Updates from PST
In Camera

Self-Government Updates: Federal Recognition Legislation
In Camera