Former Community Council Senator and PCMNO Representative for Region 9, Valerie Stewart passed away peacefully at home in Dunville, Ontario on August 1, 2010 with her husband Bill at her side. Valerie was 84 years of age.

Valerie Stewart was an active participant in the early days of forming the MNO, proud of her ancestry and willing to share her valuable historical knowledge. Valerie came to the MNO in 1994 as one of our earliest Citizens. Valerie served as a Senator for her local Community Council and, as the PCMNO Councillor for Region 9, her portfolio was Veterans and Michif Language. Her contributions were indispensable as MNO grew across the Province. Valerie Stewart is fondly remembered, and sadly missed. I spoke with her husband Bill and passed along our sympathies and thanked him for all the contributions Valerie has given to the Metis Nation of Ontario.