MEDS Métis Nation officials with Minister Valcourt at the Métis Economic
Symposium (left to right): Clément Chartier, MNC President, Audrey
Poitras, MNA President, Gary Lipinski, MNO President, the
Honourable Bernard Valcourt, Minister of Aboriginal Affairs and
Northern Development, Bruce Dumont, MNBC President, Melanie
Omeniho, President of the Women of the Métis Nation, and
David Chartand, MMF President.
On March 18, 2015, Métis Nation of Ontario (MNO) President Gary Lipinski attended the Métis Economic Development Symposium III (MEDS) in Winnipeg alongside the Honourable David Zimmer, Minister of Aboriginal Affairs. Joanne Meyer, MNO Director of Intergovernmental Affairs also attended the symposium.

Each symposium brings together Métis organizations, governments and industry leaders to build new relationships that will enable Métis to fully share in economic development opportunities across Canada.

“The Métis Nation of Ontario is pleased that the Métis Economic Development Symposium provided the opportunity to highlight the progress we have made working together with the Government of Ontario,” said President Lipinski. “The achievements we have realized through the MNO-Ontario Framework Agreement, the Métis Voyageur Development Fund, green energy contracts and other initiatives are making a difference for Métis in Ontario as well as strengthening the whole Ontario economy.”

The MNO and the Ministry of Aboriginal Affairs have built a strong relationship while working together to make concrete progress on meaningful employment and business development for Métis people across the province. By working in partnership with one another, they are ensuring that Métis people have the opportunity to succeed and fully participate in the workforce and the economy.

“This symposium is a great opportunity to learn new ideas and initiatives, and share the work we’ve done with the Métis Nation of Ontario,” said the Honourable David Zimmer. “We are committed to working together to ensure that Métis people have every opportunity to succeed and play an ever more significant role in the economy.”

At the symposium, the Honourable Bernard Valcourt, Minister of Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development, and the President of the Métis National Council, Clément Chartier, signed an Economic Development Accord.