President Lipinski (1)
Métis Nation of Ontario President Gary Lipinski

Yesterday was Election Day across the Métis Nation of Ontario (MNO) and by all reports we saw another excellent turnout, which reaffirms that democracy is alive and well within the MNO. The votes will be tabulated by May 12th, so, I want to take this time between Election Day and the vote count to congratulate and thank all candidates who ran for positions, the citizens who supported their campaigns, and all MNO citizens who voted.

We all owe a debt of thanks to the individuals who stepped forward to run in this election. Whether their positions were contested or whether they have been acclaimed the MNO absolutely needs good people who are willing to provide strong leadership. It takes courage and a willingness along with personal sacrifices to take on a leadership role with a desire to advance the entire Métis Nation. The MNO has a long and honourable history of leaders who have dedicated themselves to advancing the Métis cause. All the candidates in the recent election have lived up to that tradition.

I also want to recognize the hundreds of MNO citizens who actively volunteered in the campaigns of one or more of the candidates in this election. The passion and dedication that was shown by these supporters during this campaign was inspiring. Their willingness to engage with other citizens keeps the lifeblood of our democracy flowing. Their spirit of volunteerism is crucial to keeping the MNO strong and has been a recipe for our successes.

And lastly, thank you to everyone who took the time to vote. Truly, without the voters, democracy, a pillar of the MNO would crumble. It is one the most important duties of every citizen and by voting we are making a personal statement that we believe in the future of the Métis Nation.

Now that voting is finished, it is time for us to prepare to get behind the new leadership that will be elected on May 12th. This is an exciting time for the MNO and the whole Métis Nation. Regardless of the final result, it has never been so important that we are united and moving in the same direction, so, I ask all MNO citizens to join me now in thanking all who participated in the electoral process and after May 12th in getting behind the new leaders of the MNO. To a stronger and ever brighter future for the MNO.

Thank you, Marsi, Megwetch

Gary Lipinski
Métis Nation of Ontario

Published on: May 3, 2016