CS Wind Tour2
(Front row: left-right) MNO Region 9 PCMNO
Councilor Peter Rivers, CS Wind Project Manager
SK Yoon and MNO Clear Waters Métis Council
President Jerry Clarke. (Back row: left-right) MNO
Grand River Métis Council (GRMC) Senator Carol
Lévis, MNO Windsor-Essex Métis Council (WEMC)
President Donna Grayer, MNO Niagara Region
Métis Council (NRMC) President Derrick Pont,
MNO GRMC Treasurer Leslie Muma, MNO NRMC
Women’s Representative Gisele Legiehn and MNO
WEMC Councilor Gary Lovell.
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On October 14, 2016, MNO Grand River, Windsor-Essex and Niagara Region Métis Council members had the opportunity to tour the CS Wind Canada plant in Windsor. This plant fabricates the tower structures that support wind turbine generators and blades. The plant starts with steel plates that are over one inch thick and it cuts, bends, bevels and welds them into the towers. These plates are then blasted with heat in preparation for painting, prior to mounting the internal components before shipping.

Project Managers SK Yoon and Paola Piunno hosted the tour and presented the members with mugs and baseballs upon leaving the facility.

Posted: April 7, 2017