Seeking Expressions of Interest:

Captain of the Hunt for MNO Region 2

The Métis Nation of Ontario (MNO) harvest, grounded in the exercise of Métis rights, provides food and medicine for Métis families and communities; acts as a catalyst for the transfer of traditional knowledge to future generations; and maintains our people’s connection to the land, water, and ecosystems of the Métis Homeland. The Captains of the Hunt (COTH) and Captains of the Hunt Liaisons play an integral role in the management of a sustainable MNO harvest and provide oversight of MNO’s harvest system, including the MNO Harvest Policy.

The MNO is issuing a call for expressions of interest for the role of Captain of the Hunt for Region 2 Lakehead/Nipigon/Michipicoten Traditional Territory.

Expressions of interest must include the mandatory supporting information below:

  • Proof of MNO citizenship;
  • A resume detailing: relevant work and/or volunteer experience; leadership experience; training; education; and traditional way of life knowledge and experience;
  • A cover letter (600 words maximum) that specifies the MNO Region of interest, and outlines the applicant’s ability to fulfill the role of Captain of the Hunt.
  • Applicants must meet the requirements of section 2.1(d) of the MNO Harvesting Policy and be an active harvester. More detailed information on the role of Captain of the Hunt can be found below along with links to key additional background information.

The role of Captain of the Hunt is also described in the MNO Harvest Policy.

Deadline for expressions of interest:
May 15, 2023

Submit to:
Brian Tucker
Deputy Chief Captain of the Hunt

All MNO citizens who submit an expression of interest will receive a response after appointments are made.

About Captains of the Hunt:

The Captains of the Hunt (COTH) play an integral role in the management of the Métis harvest. One COTH is assigned to each of the MNO Regions within Ontario and is mandated by the MNO to implement the MNO Harvest Policy. The Captains of the Hunt determine the appropriate management of the Métis harvest and evaluate its progress on an ongoing basis.

The COTH act as a direct line of communication between MNO Harvesters, the MNO, and the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry (MNRF). They help manage the MNO harvest, support the implementation of the MNO-MNRF Interim Harvesting Agreement, and determine the appropriate management of the harvest in their respective Regions. The COTH also act as liaisons between Harvesters and the MNO in situations where charges have been filed.

Duties of the COTH include:

  • Travel throughout their Region to work with MNO communities on harvesting-related matters;
  • Assist Harvesters in the completion of Harvester’s Certificate applications;
  • Review and sign Harvester’s Certificate applications prior to sending them to the Registry Branch for processing and final approval;
  • Verify that Harvesters can properly and safely employ firearms;
  • Answer inquiries from MNO citizens regarding harvesting rights and other matters related to harvesting;
  • Gather information on complaints and charges;
  • Act as liaisons between the MNO and Harvesters;
  • Act as a point of contact for MNRF Conservation Officers in their Region;
  • Prepare incident reports;
  • Ensure Harvesters are in compliance with the MNO Harvesting Policy;
  • Serve as a source of information on the Métis Way of Life and Traditional Knowledge;
  • Support the MNO’s work to implement the MNO Statement of Prime Purpose;
  • Support Harvester surveys and help to gather information on the number, species and location of animals taken by MNO Harvesters; and
  • Sit as non-voting members of MNO Consultation Committees.

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